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Designed for Educators

Message Ninja can be used as a communication hub between the school and parents, or a hub for internal school communications.


Notifications alert parents to new communications and give reminders of upcoming events.

Bookings (paid feature)

Create parents' evening slots or any other type of booking event, link payments as required. In the event of school closures or reducing person to person contact the feature can be used to schedule remote calls with parents. This feature is being offered free of charge for 3 months to assist schools at this time.


Take payments easily and securely directly through the app for things like school trips or fundraisers. *The free version includes a 1% surcharge on any payments made through the app.


Engage in group chats with other parents, and or teachers while maintaining the privacy of all participants contact details.


Quickly share news real time the whole school or relevant selected groups or individuals.
*The free version of the app may include a curated education specific sponsored advert in the news feed from time to time.


Create events, generate forms, menu choices, obtain digital consent, link payments, in app calendar view, add to personal calendar, google map locations and more. *The free version of the app may include a curated education specific sponsored advert in the events feed from time to time.

Real Time view

See which parents have seen and responded to your messages, completed forms, made bookings, and more.


Promote different initiatives that parents can donate to through the app. Parents can also complete surveys and watch carefully filtered adverts that generate funds for the school.

  • “Our pricing model is designed so that limited education funds are not diverted from children's learning.”
    Tom Bailey
    Chief Technology Officer
  • “In addition to typical donations, with the fundraising feature a school can raise £1000 a year from approximately 7% of the parents of an average sized primary school completing one survey a day.”
    Trevor Rishworth
    Managing Director

Platform Pricing

Through employing the latest technology and a revenue model that prioritises user experience, Message Ninja is able to offer the one stop market leading platform free to schools and parents.



Licenses are renewed on an annual basis. 
No tie-in, cancel at anytime.

Bookings Module (incl Parents' and remote meetings scheduling) normally £50 per annum is currently free untill the end of 2020.

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Future Features

Message Ninja's features don't stop there, we've got a lot more planned! Check out some new features planned below.

Stand alone payments
    • Pay for school meals
    • Pay school invoices
    • + More
    • Sponsor your child through the app
    • Share a link with family and friends enabling them to add their sponsorship to a child’s event

We are always innovating. Tell us what you want and need, and let's make the greatest school communications platform possible!

Let's Team Up

Schools that register for the platform in 2020 will have the option to become trusted partners with direct contact and preferential input to the Message Ninja and Learning Ninja feature roadmap.